Toys R Us is having a pretty great Lego sale! Save 40% off select Lego building sets! I found the Lego Elves Airas Pegasus Sleigh for a whopping $20 Off, making it only $29.97! Here are some details:

  • Fly up to the sky in a magical sleigh pulled by flying horses!
  • Airas Pegasus Sleigh has opening wings and comes with 2 LEGO® Elves mini-dolls, dragon, 2 pegasi, and an ancient windmill with secret cave.
  • Includes Aira Whisperwind and Azari Firedancer mini-doll figures, plus Miku the baby dragon and 2 pegasi: Starshine and Rufus
  • Features Airas Pegasus Sleigh and an ancient windmill with a secret cave
  • Airas Pegasus Sleigh opens for the Elves to get inside and features pop-out wings and a chest for storing supplies

Shop the Lego sale here.