The view from our place in Radium, BC


We’re on the road today after a wonderful, relaxing week away in Radium, BC.  (Well, as relaxing as a week with a nearly 3 year old can be…)  It was so nice to see some new sights and experience a couple of new-to-us hot springs! We even made a visit to Banff, my old stomping grounds for a short time, many years ago.

While we had a great time, it’s always exciting to get back to your own bed and get back into a regular routine. 🙂

Here are the interesting links I came across on my travels around the web this week!  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

**New Feature!  Each week I want to highlight a few old posts from Simply Frugal that are currently popular (thanks Pinterest!) or are currently “in season”.  Hope you enjoy!