This week, I’ll be starting some Christmas baking and I’m hoping to start decking the halls today.  That will happen if we can get downstairs tidy enough to set things up.  We’ve been doing some fairly major purging in anticipation of the baby, therefore creating a mess before it gets clean!  We also have out first baby purchase (a stroller and car seat travel system) taking up the living room since we’ve no room in the baby’s room right now!

Since I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of purging and a smallish kitchen renovation project (our counter needs replacing) that I’d like to finish before Christmas, meals will be simple this week.  Especially if we do the counter, I’ll have no counter or a sink for a time!  Here’s what I’ve got in mind:

Here’s what I’ve got planned for my Christmas baking:

What will you be eating this week at your house?  And what’s on your Christmas baking list?