Delicious Bran Muffins

A while ago I signed up for a year’s worth of menu plans from The Fresh 20.  I don’t use it every week, but the week’s I do use the suggested meals, I’m impressed!  I have to substitute some of the ingredients for someone in our household who is “picky” (and it’s not the toddler!), but they have still tuned out wonderfully.  This week, I’m using a menu from The Fresh 20.  Unfortunately I can’t share the recipes, but I’m sure you could still get some ideas!

Chicken Cacciatore, mashed potatoes

Maple Soy Glazed Salmon (but we’ll have chicken instead), Mushroom & Kale Quinoa

Ham & Potato Galette, salad

Homestyle Chicken Soup

Tortellini with herb & garlic cream cheese  (not Fresh 20)

I want to know, what will you be eating this week?  Leave your menu in the comments!