Here’s what we’ll be eating this week! I cannot live without doing a weekly menu plan. (well, I’m sure I can, but I don’t want to find out!) It just makes my lfe so much easier! I’ll be going into more detail soon about why I plan our menu and how I do this in seperate posts.

We’re leaving town on Friday so I only planned 4 dinners for this week. My menus are for 2 adults with plenty for lunch leftovers.

Monday: Cream Cheese Chicken, rice, veggies
Tuesday: Waffles (hubby loves breakfast anytime of the day!)
Wednesday: Chicken Caesar pitas, carrot sticks
Thursday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Since we’re going away, I wanted to use up what I already have on hand. All I need to buy is some fresh fruits and veggies and some milk!

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