So…last week’s menu kinda didn’t go as planned.  The only thing that got made was the Chicken pot pie.  We ended up being at a BBQ one night because my husband had a couple of relatives in town.  Then we ate leftovers.  And Pizza.  And Smoothies.  It was a very low key week you could say!

Since most of the menu didn’t get made, I still have all the ingredients to make those meals this week.  Making grocery shopping pretty much unnecessary!  I think I’ll only have to pick up some milk, fruit and dental floss. (No…not to eat sillies…!)

Here goes the (repetitive) menu:

Monday:  I’m on my own so I may invite myself over to my Mom & Dad’s 🙂
Tuesday:  Crockpot Sesame Chicken (recipe to come), steamed veggies, rice
Wednesday:  I don’t know yet!   Something easy due to time constraints.
Thursday: Beef Hashay, served over mashed potatoes and carrots (recipe to come)
Friday:  out to eat

So tell us, what will you be eating this week?  Leave your menu in the comments!