Somehow I’ve found some new inspiration for menu planning this week.  I think it may have been all the good food I ate while I was away last weekend!  While we were out to eat one day for lunch, I ordered an amazing spinach salad that I want to try and recreate at home.  I’m not sure it would go over with my husband though so I think I’ll try it for lunch one day this week.  (I’ll list the ingredients and dressing I’ll be using after my dinner selections)

Here’s what I have planned for dinners this week:

Monday:  Black Bean and Salsa Burritos
Tuesday:  Chicken Veggie Stirfry
Wednesday:  Creamy Tomato Soup, Grilled cheese sandwich (using my 5 Minute Artisan bread dough!)
Thursday:  Sweet & Sour Chicken, brown rice, steamed vegetables, salad
Friday:  Most likely out to eat with a gift card we have!

Here’s how I’ll be making the salad I was talking about above:

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