It’s that time again!  Time for another menu!  And it’s the first official day of Summer!  I’m hoping our weather will catch on though and start being warmer and less rainy.  We’ll see!  I’ve got a whole bunch of new meal ideas for this week that I’m hoping will be tasty and simple at the same time.  I’ve been felling really unmotivated these days to to my early work hours and the fact that I should be in bed by 8pm to get a good nights sleep.  Yeah right!   Maybe if it was Winter time.

Alright, lets get on with the menu, shall we?  🙂

Monday:  Burgers, salad, fresh veggies
Tuesday:  Homemade chicken strips, homemade fries (oven), veggies
Wednesday:  Lemon Pasta with chicken, veggies
Thursday:  Beef & Bean Chili, fresh veggies
Friday:  Omelet over toast
Saturday:  Baked Chicken (with oil and Balsamic vinegar), an assortment of veggies, rice
Sunday:  Beef roast, veggies (at my parents!)

There you go!  I think it sounds tasty.  What are you eating this week?  Have you got your menu planned? 🙂

As usual, if you would like to see what others are eating, visit I’m an Organizing Junkie!