Hello! Welcome to another week! I hope you all had a great weekend! Unfortunately for me, my Grandma ended up in the hospital again with another heart attack. We actually thought we were going to loose her at one point. I guess this is a bit of a warning if you don’t see as many posts as usual this week, family comes first!

I’ve not been feeling very creative with our menus as of late. So everything you see this week are old standbys!

*Chicken Kabobs, roasted potatoes, salad, veggies

*Vegetable Stir fry served over rice

*Crock pot BBQ Chicken on buns, oven potato wedges, carrot sticks

*Quesadillas made with leftover BBQ Chicken

*Salisbury steaks, rice, veggies

Although I’m feeling uninspired lately, I’m still excited about this weeks meals. I guess old favorites will always satisfy!

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