I don’t know what it is, but the thoughts and ideas have been flowing through me like crazy lately. I find it weird, because I didn’t know I had time to think, let alone get anything substantial written out! While we’re getting somewhat of a routine with two kids, I’m still finding it tricky balancing everything! (I should loosen up a bit it’s only been 7 weeks since our new addition…)

Anywho, with Mother’s Day coming up, I thought this would be appropriate to share.

My Biggest Lesson in Motherhood

While I’ve only been a mom for just over four years, I feel like I’ve learned one of my biggest life lessons in that time.

I’m a doer and a dreamer. I like to cross to-do’s off a list to feel accomplished and good about myself. (:P) Anyone else??

Anyways, I really struggled with my new life after my first daughter was born. Everything was overwhelming. And if she wasn’t napping when she was “supposed” to be napping, I could feel my tension rise. After all, I had blog posts to write, deals to find and housework to do. I think I missed out on a lot of my daughter’s adorableness because I was too busy serving my needs. (or at least having my priorities all wrong)

After about two years into my journey, something switched in my brain. For one thing, my husband landed a great job, which took a lot of stress off of me thinking I had to make enough money for our family with the income that is generated from Simply Frugal.

But the biggest thing was, that I realized I just had to let my expectations and ideals go. That realization was a game changer for me. I understood that we could still be happy if the dishes piled up. I even knew that we’d be okay if we ate takeout…again. And so what if I didn’t use coupons regularly anymore? I learned to let things go and live in the “everything will be alright” mindset. Simply Frugal suffered a bit, but I’m okay with that too, because in the end I’m helping those of you that need my content the most just by trying my best.

That’s what matters most. Helping those that need help. Those of you that are feeling financially burdened need the tips and deals that I post. My family needs me to be present when I’m with them. Certain things suffer so that the right things can flourish. 

Now that my second baby is here and still brand new, I realize that this time is short in the grand scheme of things. I need to savour life as it is. I can put myself on the back burner for the time being because I know that the years are short. I’ve become a much happier person now that I’m not fighting with myself and trying to accomplish all the wrong things. Just let. it. go.

I haven’t perfected this new mindset, I still struggle with wanting to put myself first, but it makes it easier knowing that life won’t always be lived with two young kids. They will grow up, fast. This has honestly been the best thing I have done for myself and others. Putting myself aside for the time being. (Though, I do believe there comes a time when I need to care for myself in order to be the best person I can be for others.)

What has been the biggest lesson for you in motherhood so far?