So, I actually went out shopping for a couple of hours on Boxing Day.  I’m glad I did though because I’m pretty pleased with the deal I got!  I got a bunch of clothes that will fit Sienna next summer and winter!

My favourite deal is in this picture 🙂  The coat, from Superstore, was $39, but I got it for $14.94.  It’s even wool and has a great hood!  The Chaps dress is from The Bay.  It was marked down 40%, then an additional 40% on top.  It was $8 something.

The rest of the deals are also from The Superstore.

Pants were $4.94 each.  Sweatpants and jeans.

Pink shirt was $4.94.  Purple shirt was only $2.94.

Obviously not clothes, but I needed some gift bags and tissue paper.  All that’s pictured was less than $5, including a pack of 13 gift bags! (in the middle)

I’m sure I could have gotten some clothes much cheaper for Sienna if I had bought second hand, which I intend on doing to fill in some gaps!

Did you do any Boxing Day shopping?  What sort of deals did you get?