I have an update on my container garden progress!  There’s even some growth for me to show you.  In other words, my attempts at container gardening is not a failure yet. 🙂

First up we have the lettuce.  I bought a package of salad mix seeds so that we can have small lettuce leaves like the stuff you can buy in containers at the grocery store.  I’ve always had success with growing this type of lettuce, after learning my first year of container gardening that they don’t like too much heat.  These are the only containers I have in the front because it’s mostly shady out there.  Don’t mind the white petals scattered throughout.  We had a storm and the wind blew the blossoms down from the tree.  It’s a mess out there.

We’ve got sprouts from the carrot seeds!  I bought Little Finger carrot seeds.  They’re only supposed to grow up to 4″ long, so they’re great for containers.


Here are my tomato plants (along with the carrots).  I always buy tomato plants rather then seeds.  I’ve heard they’re tricky to start from seed.  they seem to be doing quite well and have grown a lot since I planted them.

The beans and peas are also starting to sprout!  I planted the bean and pea seeds together in a big pot.  We’ll see how that goes.  The beans I chose are a Dwarf Runner Bean so they’ll be bushy and won’t need any staking.  The peas are sugar peas that also have a bush type habit and are great for containers.

Here’s the big pot I used for the beans and peas.  The garbage can in the back is where I still need to plant my potatoes.  I’m planning on doing a separate post for that.

There you have it!  That’s all I have to show you right now.  How’s your garden growing?

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