My favorite Newborn Baby Gear

Now that we’re three months into the new baby thing, I thought I’d write a post detailing the things I found really useful early on. After all, I know there may be many of you that are in the process of creating a baby registry or buying gifts for baby showers! Plus, since there are so many baby things out there, it can feel pretty overwhelming when it comes to choosing.

However, the crazy thing about babies is they’re all different, so what’s been a must-have for us might be something you want to skip. But hopefully this list will still help!

Nursing tank tops – I have been living in nursing tank tops! They’re great for layering, cover my stomach and make a great pajama top. I found four to be a good number to have on hand. I have two black ones, a white one and a navy one. The ones I have are from Target (sniff sniff, tear) and Glamour Mom (bought used).

Lansinoh nursing pads – It’s disposable nursing pads for me at the beginning! Reusable ones just don’t work for me until I’ve been nursing for a while and things have regulated a bit. These Lansinoh ones are by far my favorite. They’re good all night long and (ummm) don’t get stuck like a band-aid…

Sleep sacks – Adelyn was never really into the swaddling thing, so this time around I’ve really been enjoying sleep sacks. (I also liked them a lot as my oldest daughter got older and grew out of swaddling.) Currently we’re using a fleece sack from Joe Fresh. As she gets older, I have a Halo sleep sack and some muslin sacks by Aden + Anais.

Muslin blankets – These have not only been great as blankets (of course), but I’ve been using them as a nursing cover! I simply grab two corners on the same side and tie them in a knot. Then I just slip the knot over my head to create a cover. I bought mine from Winners, but I’ve heard great things about the Aden + Anais ones as well. If you purchase muslin blankets, just make sure they’re the big ones! (44 inch by 44 inch, I believe.)

Burt’s Bees Diaper Cream – While I haven’t tried many diaper creams, The one by Burt’s Bees is one of my favourites! Thankfully both my girls haven’t had serious diaper rash and this stuff works well for our needs. 🙂

Sophie the Giraffe – Sophie is making her appearance again and I think this time my youngest actually enjoys her even more than my oldest!  The squeaking is the “best thing ever” says Adelyn. Also, now that Adelyn is enjoying putting things in her mouth, Sophie is pretty cool to gnaw on!

Activity Mat – We’ve been making good use of our activity mat for about a month now and it’s fascinating to watch Adelyn develop her skills. She first started out as a lump basically, that smiled at the dangling toys. Now, at just over three months, she turns herself around in a full circle, grabs the toys and bats at them. Probably some of the best money my parents spent 😉 (It was a gift!) This is the one we have, but is no longer in stock and was much cheaper when it was bought.

Beco Gemini – I’m not huge into baby wearing, but I wanted something that was pretty fuss free because quite frankly, I find all the options for baby wearing overwhelming. Turns out, the Beco Gemini was a lifesaver early on. Adelyn was a bit of a fussy thing so this carrier enabled me to get some housework done and even some blogging because she would actually fall asleep. I also like it because you don’t need to buy any extra inserts for newborns like the Ergo. I think it’s going to be useful as she grows older too.

Wet bags – Wet bags are so handy! While I think they’re meant for cloth diapering, I use them for everything! From wet swimsuits to soiled clothes, wet bags are a must-have in my books. I’ve enjoyed our Sweet Pea Wet bags, but there are many others out there that are probably just as good. I like that ours have a zipper, as opposed to a drawstring.

There you have it!  Our must-haves for the early days (and onwards). What are some items that you found to be a necessity with your babies?

Did you know that Amazon offers a Baby registry? It’s free to sign up and you get to choose items from the earth’s biggest selection. They have over 270,000 baby items! Plus, they offer easy 45 day returns.