flexible goals

I love this time of year.  The thought of a brand new year with brand new starts gets me giddy. While I realize that you can have brand new starts anytime of the year, the Christmas season is a great time of reflection and dreaming for me.

This is the first year that I have actually written down my goals for the year. I’ve had them in my head in the past, but of course, no specific plan so I never really achieved them.  The fact that I have never had concrete goals before is strange for me, since I’m such a list maker/routine lover/want things my way person. Maybe I’ve been afraid. 🙂

While I was perusing Pinterest and came across the quote in the picture above, I knew I had to remember those words.  I can be very stubborn about what I want so it’s a good reminder that I may have to switch up the way I’m going about achieving my goals. Not only so that I can actually achieve the goals because a better method came to mind, but so that I don’t antagonize those around me. (Husband, daughter…etc)

On that note, as I’ve referred to in a previous post, 2014 was a growing year for me personally and I felt like a big train wreck for the majority of it.  It was difficult for me to be a loving person.

So, if I don’t accomplish any of the goals I’ve listed below, I’ll be happy if I’m able to show kindness when it’s hard and laugh more with my family. That is what’s on my heart for 2015.


  • Speak loving and kind words
  • Once a month dates (even if it has to be a night at home)


  • Sit down with tea and read a story to Sienna once a day (Don’t worry, we do bedtime stories already)
  • Sign Sienna up for swimming lessons in the Spring
  • Sign Sienna up for gymnastics (maybe. We’re going to see how she’ll handle it closer to her third birthday. She’s a timid girl so she may not tolerate mom or dad not being with her.)
  • Go on a vacation via Train
  • Create photo book ‘yearbooks’ starting at 2012.


  • Write in Choose Gratitude journal daily (As of today, I haven’t received this book in the mail yet)
  • Drink more water (at least 5 glasses a day)
  • Follow She Reads Truth bible plan
  • Read one book a month (any book. I found several times this year that I had to ‘escape’, so I read an entire book in a day on several occasions)


  • Plan at least one month in advance for the articles/content
  • Blog 52 Ways to Save each week (a new series!)
  • Possibly hire part-time help

Do you set goals?  I’d love it if could share with me in the comments!  Would you like to see a semi regular update on how I’m doing with my goals?