You might be wondering, what’s the point of depriving ourselves? Shouldn’t we be able to enjoy the money we earn?

When I did my first No Spend challenge in 2008, I learned to appreciate what I had. The restaurant and take out dinners became a special treat, I found clothes at the back of my closet that I loved, and I used the piles of fabric I already owned to complete sewing projects. I stopped taking things for granted. (And let’s not forget all the money saved from not eating out or making impulse buys!)

Technically, I wasn’t depriving myself since all my basic needs were being met. I had shelter, I had food, and I had clothing. And really, I had so many things in my home I didn’t miss spending my money on expensive, useless stuff! My husband and I found alternatives to the movie theatres and dinner dates.

What I realized after my month of No Spending in 2008, is that I was able to find Joy and Happiness in making do without and finding creative alternatives to the expensive things. I’m talking about finding joy in the little things again.

I no longer feel like I have to spend tons of money to find the best things in life for me. I find quite a bit more happiness in finding ways to do things that aren’t wasteful, in terms of money, time and other resources. Don’t get me wrong, I feel the freedom today to spend larger amounts of money if I want. Take for example, the trip my husband and I took to Mexico to see his only sister get married. That was important and in no way were we not going to go. Sometimes you just have to to spend money to experience life to the fullest and in turn not disappoint what’s really important in life, family and friends!

How do you view the No Spend Challenge?