How to get free stuff

I love free stuff.  You love free stuff.  Everyone loves free stuff!  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that claims to dislike getting stuff for free.  Everything we want can be bought with a price tag, but before you head to the store to purchase an item, read my tips for acquiring the things you need for free.

Here are my 6 favourite ways to get stuff for free:


Borrowing could be ideal if you need a particular item only for a short time.  I do this all the time with friends and family.  Especially with serving ware used for big gatherings that I don’t have room to store. 🙂

Check Freecycle is an online network found in most communities around Canada that provides you with a way to acquire something you need for free.  It’s also a great way to unload items you don’t have a use for any more!  You simply create a post stating what you’re looking for, then someone will reply to you via email if they can fulfill your request!

Exchange Services

Say you would like a room in your house painted, but you’re terrible at paint brush control.  You do, however, know how to build a very sturdy shelf that a friend of yours has been hunting for.  Why not suggest exchanging services?  You’ll get a painted room and your friend will get a nice shelf in exchange for a few hours of work.  Win win!

Use coupons

If would be silly to not mention using coupons as a way to get things for free.  While getting stuff for completely free is not possible (you still have to pay taxes), it’s a fantastic way to get stuff you need for pennies.  If you follow my weekly Coupon Match Ups that get posted on Thursday’s, quite often you’ll find items on the list that are free when you match a coupon to a sale price.  Many companies are also offering FPC’s (Full Price Coupons) these days, most often through their Facebook pages.  See also the How to Coupon in Canada series for more coupon details.


For the past several years, I’ve been collecting Swag Bucks through their search engine (and other options), then redeeming them for free Starbucks, Amazon and PayPal gift cards!   They offer a ton of different products in their Rewards store, but those three are my favourite.  Here’s a post I wrote featuring 6 Ways to Earn More Swag Bucks that may help answer some questions.

Sign up for Freebies

At least a few times a week, I’ll post a great freebie offer that a company is offering.  The offers range anywhere from sample size body lotions and shampoos to full size products, like bacon!  There are also frequent Mail in Rebate offers that will pop up from time to time good for a free box of dish detergent or stain remover, for example.  While you do have to pay out of pocket initially for mail in rebate items, you will be reimbursed if you fill in all the paperwork correctly.

There you have it, 6 of my tried and true methods to get stuff for free!  Have you tried any of these methods?  What are your tips for getting stuff for free?