Summer is officially wrapped up for another year. My oldest has started kindergarten so we’re getting back into a routine and I’m left with memories from a great summer.

I am so, so glad that I took time off from regular posting to Simply Frugal. I do not regret my decision at all and valued the time I spent with my family. There were even some days when I didn’t even turn on the laptop! I realized that it’s okay to step away from work. The world didn’t crash ;).

However, I missed you all and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things around here. Back to posting regular sales, coupons and other fun frugal things that you’re used to seeing.

In today’s post, I wanted to share about our summer of frugal fun. A recap of where I’ve been all summer, if you will. Also, in the recent survey that you were kind enough to fill out, many of you mentioned wanting ideas for frugal fun. Entertainment ideas on the cheap. I hope today’s list will give you some ideas even if they’re specific to our area.

Ideas to inspire your own frugal fun


Normally, our local waterslides would be a pricey excursion. But at the beginning of each season, they sell hourly passes for a fraction of the cost of regular admission. This is a great deal in and of itself, but I actually snagged a pass from someone in a Facebook Buy & Sell group who couldn’t use the remainder of their hours. I got a smokin’ deal. 26 hours for just $30!


August was a busy month. Two weekends were spent at family reunions that were held here. Each family was responsible for some aspect of the food. We also played some old fashioned (cheap) games like potato sack races and wheelbarrow races. We also held our own ladder ball and horseshoe tournaments. It was cheap fun for us!

Outdoor Group

Most Thursday mornings, I would take the girls to an outdoor group put on by a local community group. Each week was at a different park or splash pad. The kids can play or do one of the activities brought by the facilitators. They also provided a great snack each week. I’m sure most cities have something similar to this!

Outdoor concerts

Our city and a neighboring city host a free music night each week in a local park. Every week features a different local band. It’s a fun family friendly night. Perhaps your city has something like that?


Living in the Okanagan, beach days are mandatory. I’d throw in the towels, sand buckets and snacks and off we went for a few hours at the beach. We made good use of our pop up beach tent and picnic blanket this year!

Cherry picking

Also because we live in the Okanagan, cherry picking is a must. One afternoon, we headed to a local orchard and picked buckets of fresh, delicious cherries. For only $1.50 a pound, you can’t beat that for the perfect sun ripened cherries!

Pool days

My husband has a cousin who has a pool so we spent a couple of days throughout the summer at their house swimming around. It’s always great to know somebody! 😉

Playing tourist

We played tourists in our own area one day. We took a drive to a nearby town to walk the wonderful boardwalk they have that runs all along the lake. We had family visiting so we threw in the bikes for the girls and our walking shoes. We had a blast biking, playing on the playgrounds, sharing fish & chips and scoping out the cheapest ice cream joint.

All in all, it was a fantastic summer spent with family and friends! I’d love to hear how you spent your summer. What sort of frugal fun did you have?