I had a reader ask me a little while ago (maybe it was quite a while ago?  oops 🙂 ) about printable coupons.  She was saying that she’s been having troubles redeeming them at Canadian stores!

I have since then, emailed quite a few well known stores and inquired about their internet coupon policies.  So far, none of them have told me they don’t allow printable coupons.  Here’s what a couple of them said:

Loblaws family of stores:  “We do accept internet coupons however they must have “To The Dealer or Retailer” text on them.  They cannot be past expiration and the cashier must follow the exact instructions as laid out by the coupon.  The disclaimer “one per purchase” means only one coupon can be used per transaction regardless of the number of units you are purchasing.  If the disclaimer read “one coupon per item” you would be able to redeem as many coupons as units you are purchasing per transaction.”

Canadian Tire:  “The rules and regulations of each type of coupon is normally printed on the coupon itself. For more information we recommend contacting your local Canadian Tire store directly.”

Where have you been able to redeem printable coupons?  Where haven’t you been able to redeem them?