As I was putting together the coupon matchups yesterday, I came across a really good deal on Liberté Mediterranée yogurt.  (I’m a little obsessed with the lemon flavour!)  I made a mental note to add that store to my shopping list.  Low and behold, I forgot what store had the sale and I already recycled my flyers.

This is where SaleWhale saved the day.  I headed over to SaleWhale and searched for Liberté Mediterranée in hopes of finding the sale.  Sure enough, I found it!  Now I can stock up on my treat 🙂


Here is some more information about SaleWhale and why it’s so fantastic:

SaleWhale is an online platform that lets consumers know when and where their favourite products are on sale, helping them save money, their time and eliminate old school activities like searching through flyers or clipping coupons. It is connected with pretty much every mass, drug and grocery retailer in the country.

Additionally, SaleWhale allows consumers to create grocery lists on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Users can then create alerts and be notified when specific items are on sale at stores within a specified geographical area.

Sounds great right?  Check out SaleWhale now!