how to save on dairy products

Over the next several weeks, you’ll be seeing some posts about ‘How to Save’ on some of our regular household purchases.  I hope to provide useful tips to help you save!

As we all know, dairy products contain important vitamins and nutrients necessary to our well being. Therefore, it’s important that you and your family make sure that you get enough dairy products on a daily basis. Unfortunately, sometimes the grocery budget does not allow you to buy an assortment of cheeses and yogurts on a weekly basis. However, follow these tips and you can learn how to save on dairy products:

Purchase Skim Milk

Since homogenized and 2% milk is usually higher in price than skim milk, you can save some money on your milk purchases if you buy skim milk instead.  If skim milk isn’t your thing, consider using it only in your morning tea or coffee. Or, for recipes that need milk but don’t depend on the milk for flavour.

Buy Powdered Milk

Buying powdered milk is another great way to save.  Use it in your in your coffee or tea or in your baking. Simply follow the instructions as to how much powder and water  is needed to get the amount of milk that you need.  If you don’t anticipate using much powdered milk, don’t buy a big bag.  Buy a small quantity from a bulk food store to avoid spoiling.

Buy Food Made with Dairy Products

Another way that you can make sure that your family gets the dairy products that they need, without breaking the bank, is to buy prepared foods that contain dairy products. An example would be a spinach and ricotta cheese lasagna. It’s cheaper to buy it already made than putting it together yourself.

Watch for Clearance Stickers

When your walking the dairy section at your grocery store, keep your eyes open for clearance stickers!  I regularly find them on yogurt.  Since yogurt usually lasts quite a bit longer than the best before date, I know I can use it in a timely matter.

Make your Own Dairy Products

Making your own dairy products is not difficult to learn.  Why not try your hand at homemade yogurt,butter, cream cheese or homemade sour cream!  This is the ideal time to use those products you got on clearance.

The above tips are just a few ways that you can save on your dairy purchases. If you happen to purchase yogurt, try buying the larger containers as opposed to the individual servings as they do cost more money. Keeping an eye on your flyers for promotional sales on dairy products will also help you to save even more money.

How do you save on dairy products?