Saving as a Family: An inspiring financial success story!

Last week, I wrote a post asking for your inspiring financial stories and I have one to share! This one is from Dorianne and she’s sharing how her entire family worked together for common savings goals. Enjoy!

We live in a rural community in Alberta.  When we moved out here from the big city I wondered what my kids could do for a job while growing up since there are no paper routes, McDonald’s, etc -the kinds of places kids and teens typically work.  So, we took on a family job of managing and being janitors of our community hall when our oldest was about 12 years old.

Not only were we involved in our community, the kids were able to earn money and learn to work hard, even, and especially, when we really didn’t feel like going to clean on the weekends, etc.

We were paid a base monthly amount of $250, plus hourly for cleaning.  The cleaning money went to the kids based on their hours of cleaning.  The base monthly amount went in to a separate bank account as savings for ‘family fun money’ and goals we had in mind.  It was NEVER to be touched for anything else, which was tempting at times as we work in oil and gas in this tough economy and could have used it for a few things!  BUT we were determined to stick with our savings goal!

The first thing we saved for was a tent-trailer and we have had many fun camping trips with it.  The second thing was tickets to Disney World.  That was our best family trip ever!  The third and last thing we decided to save for was a hot tub -something we all could enjoy for years to come.

As you can imagine, at only $250/month, these goals took years to save for.  Now that our kids are grown and starting to leave home and having ‘real’ jobs, we finally reached our hot-tub goal in the fall and quit our Community Hall job.  It really has been a life-long lesson for our kids!

How inspiring was that! Something to strive for, for sure 🙂 Thanks Dorianne!

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