In an effort to increase the inspiration levels around Simply Frugal, I’m reaching out to you!

First of all, I’m looking for your stories about your frugal journey.   Have you recently paid cash for something you never thought you could?  Has your family survived a layoff?  How are you making things work financially?  I’d love to post your real-life stories to inspire and encourage others who may be having a hard go of things or simply need a kick in the pants to get back on track!  (or,  for those that like a good story!)

Secondly, I’m looking for your frugal tips and ideas that I’d love to share on Simply Frugal.  Do you know how to buy and sell a great used car?  Are you a gardening guru? How are you saving on gas costs?  How do you save an extra $100 a month? How do you successfully stay within your budget?  Perhaps you have a great frugal recipe or a kitchen hack that will save time and money?  What’s your favourite way to save your hard earned cash?

Those are just some ideas to get your ideas rolling.  I think it would be so great to hear and learn from those of you in the Simply Frugal community.  We can all make Simply Frugal an even better place!

Are you interested in sharing?  Submit your stories and ideas to me here. (make sure to put “reader submission” in the subject line)

Thank you!  I’m looking forward to being inspired!

PS:  Did you know you can see a full list of all the articles I’ve written for Simply Frugal as well as all the articles others have written for Simply Frugal right here? 🙂