Here are some simple money saving tips that anyone can do!
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Here are some simple money saving tips that anyone can do!

  • Use cloth for everything – do away with paper towels, and paper napkins
  • Make your own household cleaners – I use vinegar and baking soda for everything!
  • Use your local library – I can pretty much request any book I would like to read and my library will let me know when it’s available!
  • Borrow items – borrow and exchange movies, books…etc with friends and family
  • Hang dry your clothing – Easy and they smell so good from being in the sun!
  • Turn down your heat – there’s no need for your heat to be as high at night time and while you’re out of the house for an extended period.
  • Make your own baby food – when you’re serving vegetables for your family, set some aside to make your own pureed/mashed baby food.
  • Shop clearance racks – If you’re in need of some clothing, wait until you find something great on the clearance racks!
  • Reuse your sandwich bags – Of course, I throw out the ones that held raw meat
  • Use your plastic grocery bags as garbage bags – Occasionally I’ll end up with some plastic bags that I put to use in our kitchen and bathrooms!
  • Menu Plan – I know, I know, but it really does save us huge amounts of money! You really should try it and see how it works for you!
  • Think about your purchases before you make them – Walk away, if you find you still need it or really love it after a period of time, then buy it. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked away and ended up not purchasing an item because I realized that I didn’t need it or want it that badly.

Do you have any tips you could share with us? What are the simple ways that you save money?