So this looks like a lot of fun! I think it would be fun to bring along camping! Get the Braveway Slackline Kit from for $127.49 (reg. $160). Here are some details:

  • Multifunctional slacklines kit – BRAVEWAY ninja line is designed for daily training and family entertainment. It can help you improve your sense of balance and concentration, increase interaction between your families, strengthen and shape your body, reduce stress and entertain your families while providing full protection for your families and you.
  • Obstacles course kit includes – 1x Ninjaline, 1x Slackline, 2x Heavy-duty Ratchets, 2x Monkey Bars, 3x Monkey Fists, 2x Gymnastics Rings, 4x Tree Protectors, 9x Hanging Hooks, 1x Non-slip Gloves, 1x Balance Support Line, 1x Canvas Carrying Bag, 1x Gift Box. The ninja line is long enough to hang ten to fifteen swing set accessories on it.
  • Safe and easy to install – The process of install ninja warrior balance suit is very easy, all you need to do is to connect the slackline or ninja line with two tall trees, two pillars, two beams or two bars. It can be installed in the backyard, playground, basement, swimming pool, summer camping, beach park and so on.
  • Reliable longer walking lines – BRAVEWAY slackline with 6200 lbs break load can safely carry up to 660 lbs, 2 inches width makes it easier to walk on. The other ninjaline can bear up to 440 lbs, you can walk on it or use it as a support line to hold accessories like monkey bars and add more fun. And the 3.3-ft balance support line is for enhancing your safety, Suitable for children and adults.
  • Ideal gift – Come with a gift box and a carrying bag, convenient to carry and store, ideal gift for families and friends. With our Ninjaline Hanging Obstacle Training Course, kids will enjoy a lot of health fun outdoors, and they will be able to socialize faster with their peers. No longer focusing on TV and games.

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