Now that spring has sprung, the annual spring cleaning of your home is inevitable. But do you ever think about spring cleaning your car?  Today you can’t help but notice the signs announcing the high price of gas. It’s almost enough to make you feel guilty about using your car.

If you want to run a car efficiently it needs to be properly serviced and you need to be aware of what you can do to help reduce the cost of running your vehicle.

Spring is a good time to take control of your car expenses. Using cars more efficiently and even leaving it at home sometimes will help to reduce your gas consumption and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Here are some road-worthy tips on how to Spring Clean Your Vehicle to Save Money. Therefore taking control of your gas consumption.

Maintain your vehicle

Keep the tires properly inflated and if you need a tune-up then pay the money if you can afford it. We have found a reliable “backyard” mechanic to do any tune-ups that we may need for our vehicles. I also keep my eyes open for coupons for oil change places. With regular maintenance, your vehicle will run at its optimum performance, thus saving gas.

Remove your snow tires

These tires are designed to work best during the cold weather months. Once the warmer temperatures hit switch to your regular tires, this will help with reducing your gas consumption.

Fill up the tank

Don’t buy ten dollars at one station and then ten dollars at another a few days later. Locate the cheapest gas and fill the tank and then don’t go back until the tank is a quarter full. If you keep topping off the tank then your car is burdened by the extra weight and not as fuel efficient.

Stop driving

Okay, not literally but maybe you can take public transportation or ride your bike to the grocery store once in a while.  Think of ways you can keep your car in the drive way. Another option may be to select a day during the week that everyone carpools together to work and rotate the driver each week.

Slow down

If you can’t stop driving then slow down. Many people speed off at a green light and operate their vehicles at high rates of speed. There is no reason; do the speed limit. Also, when you see a stop sign or red light coast to a stop; don’t keep your foot on the accelerator.

What are some of the ways you try to save money on vehicle gas costs?