Best Things to Buy in January

After all the shopping you did for Christmas, you may not want to open your wallet again for a long time.  But there are a few things in January that may be worth purchasing.

Here’s what to buy in January:

Christmas Items

Now that Christmas is over, the stores are trying to rid their shelves of Christmas stock.  Expect deep discounts on wrapping paper, Christmas cards, Christmas candy, decorations and pretty much anything Christmas related!

Organization Products

Organization tends to be a top priority in January.  Look for sales on plastic containers (Rubbermaid for example), baskets, clothes hangers, storage ottomans, shoe racks, or anything related to organization!

Exercise Equipment and Weight-Loss Products

Perhaps your New Years resolution is to get more active?  You’ll find anything related to exercise equipment (treadmills, yoga mats, athletic shoes, athletic clothing), dieting, gym memberships and even programs like Weight Watchers on sale.


Now is the best time to purchase sheets, duvets, pillows, towels, table cloths and more since they go on sale in January during what’s known as a White Sale.

Winter Clothing

January is the perfect time to buy winter outerwear, sweaters and boots since they’re on high demand this time of year.  Once spring stock starts to arrive, look for these items at even greater reduced prices.


Right around Boxing Day, you’ll start to see computers/laptops/tablets go on sale as new models are introduced.  You may even find the newest models with a bit of a discount.  But if you don’t mind not having up-to-the-minute technology, then you’ll find the greatest discounts on older models.

Cold & Flu Products

Unfortunately, January is cold and flu season, well, winter in general, which means you’ll find medicine and vitamins on sale this time of year.

Tax Software

The dreaded tax season is commencing.  If you do your own taxes, look for sales on tax software such as Quicken and TurboTax.


January is a great time to get a “deal” on a new house.  Since the winter months are the slowest in the real estate business, many home sellers are willing to drop their prices just to get the home sold.

What are some other items that are great to buy in January?

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