The Best Things to Buy in March

Winter Outerwear 

Now is the time to grab that winter coat you’ve had your eye on for next winter!  You should find winter outerwear to be drastically reduced.

Winter Sports Equipment

In March, stores will have deep discounts on skis, snowboards, snowshoes and sleds. While you may have to put them away as soon as you buy them, March is the best time to buy these items.


March is a great time time to buy travel gear like suitcases!  Since winter travel is ending and summer travel has yet to start, luggage tends to go on sale during the month of March. Get your suitcases now for your summer vacation. (Or if you have March break travel plans!)

St. Patrick’s Day Stuff

Starting the day after St. Partick’s day, you’ll find at the fun St. Patrick’s day items on clearance.  Stock up for next year so you’re prepared.

Cleaning Supplies

Spring cleaning is around the corner so retailers are starting to put their cleaning supplies on sale.  Don’t forget to use your coupons for extra savings! Need a spring cleaning checklist?  Here you go.

Frozen food

March is National Frozen Food month. Most frozen foods will be on sale during March.  Be sure to use those coupons!  This is a great time to stock up on frozen vegetables so you can eat nutritious food all year long.

Produce to buy in March:

Broccoli, Pineapples, lettuce, mushrooms, radishes, parsnips, rutabagas, artichokes and Brussels sprouts.

Because retailers follow a yearly sale cycle, you can count on finding the same general products on sale at the same time each year.