It’s time to start the Eating from the Pantry & Freezer Challenge!

I told you last week that I’d be sharing my goals and plans, so here’s what I’ve got in mind:

My number one goal is to clean out the pantry and freezers, especially the freezers!  It seems like we’re always throwing stuff out because it gets lost for far too long. 🙁

Secondly, I’d like to spend only $25 each week on the items I decided to keep buying (dairy, eggs and produce).  I think this is going to be quite feasible!

It’s important to decide on an amount you’d like to spend during the challenge.  By not setting an amount, you could be setting yourself up for spending too much!  Determine how little you think you can get by on.

Also, I think it’s important to say to make this challenge your own.  Decide what will work best for you to help you clear out your pantry and freezer while still making it a challenge.  Maybe this means you won’t be buying any household items (toilet paper, toothpaste..etc) because you really do have enough to get you through until the end of the challenge.  Or maybe you realize that you have a ton of stuff to go through so you can actually do the challenge for 5 weeks.  Make it yours!

Now, how am I going to make this happen?

I took inventory of our pantry and freezers (and discovered I had a lot more than I thought)!  Here’s what I’ll be working with:

  • Lots of chicken breasts
  • Quite a bit of beef (ground, a roast and a few steaks)
  • One package of ground turkey (will make two meals)
  • Plenty of flour, oatmeal, rice, pasta, quinoa
  • Lots of frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries, mixed berries, raspberries)
  • Chicken kabobs
  • Chicken fingers
  • A little pack of leftover diced ham

I’m actually quite shocked at how much I found and I’m sure I could do this challenge for longer than I have planned!

Don’t forget to join the Simply Frugal Pantry Challenge Facebook group!  I want it to be a place where we share meal inspiration, tips and more!

Here’s what we’ll be eating until next Sunday 



  • Breakfast:  Refrigerator oatmeal
  • Lunch:  Chicken noodle soup
  • Dinner: BBQ Chicken Salad


  • Breakfast: Bran muffins, yogurt, fruit
  • Lunch:  Smoothies
  • Dinner:  Perogies and Sausage, steamed veggies (needs to be a quick dinner)



  • Brunch:  Smoothies
  • Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwhiches
  • Dinner:  Leftovers


  • Brunch: Waffles with Berry sauce and whipping cream
  • Dinner: Marinated steak, pasta salad, grilled veggies


  • Breakfast:  Oatmeal/cereal
  • Lunch: Smoothies
  • Dinner:  At my parents

On Monday, May 11, I’ll be back with my next menu plan and how much I actually ended up spending on groceries to get through this week’s menu!

Now, it’s your turn to share your menu plan, goals and plan of attack with the rest of us!