Since December, I’ve been in a planning process about the direction I want Simply Frugal to take as the year progresses.  It’s mainly an attempt to get the website back to it’s roots.  Roots meaning, focusing more on the aspects of simple living and real frugality.  Although Simply Frugal is what some would consider a “deal blog”, this is not my real intention.  I want to instill the value of living a truly frugal lifestyle.  Not the misconception of frugality these days, which seems to be, “getting a good deal makes me frugal”.

Back at the Roots of Simply Frugal, it was never my goal to encourage more spending, but to spend less on the things you need and to save where it really counts.   After my first No Spend Challenge (Simply Frugal began in 2009 because of this), my eyes were opened to the joys of simple/frugal living so much so, that consumerism became such a ridiculous thing in my mind.

After the birth of my daughter last March, I found myself back in my old spending habits.  I was never one to spend money we don’t have, but I found myself too often purchasing something because “it was a good deal”.  The quality of posts dwindled on Simply Frugal, as I was too tired to create substantial content.  It was easy to go through my emails and post deals, coupons and freebies, then get on with my days as a new mom.

You may have noticed, but I have been cutting back on the posts about store deals.  It has to be quite a good offer for me to consider posting it.  None of those silly buy 1, get 1 for 50% off sales.  I’ve been posting about all the coupons and freebies I’ve come across because I do believe there is some value in those.  All this to say, that you will still be seeing plenty of these types of posts, since I know some of the deals are actually useful to you and not just an excuse to spend money you could be saving for your future.

Now, as for the future of Simply Frugal.  Each month for the remainder of the year I’ll be focusing on one theme.  January was Organization month.  February is going to be all about Budgeting.  I won’t give away all the details of the fun stuff that will be happening each month, but, over the course of 2013, I hope to help teach you the skills needed to create a more self-sufficient life.  For the themes that I find myself lacking in “expertise”, you’ll find some great guest posts from others who are more knowledgeable than myself!

In conclusion, I hope this little post that I had to get off my chest, will instill some excitement about the year ahead.  I know that I’ve been really excited and feel as though some of my zest for frugal/simple living has returned!  I also wanted to thank those of you that took the time to fill out the reader survey I had a few weeks back.  Your responses have helped me immensely in getting my focus onto what you want!  Still, I’d love to hear any suggestions you may have for topics you’d like to see covered this year.

Thank you so much for sticking with Simply Frugal!!