View from My Hotel Room!

I’m back! Posting can now return to normal! (Wait, is there a normal?)  I guess I mean you’ll start seeing more of what you’re used to seeing…coupons, freebies and store deals!

Okay, the Savvy Blogging Summit that I attended from July 8 – 11, was just amazing!  I was feeling a bit burnt out with the combination of working, blogging, keeping up on chores and spending time with family and friends.  Now, I know that those things haven’t disappeared from my life but I’ve found a new passion to keep going!  My brain is swirling with new ideas!  I must say that my blogging to-do list has grown immensely, but I’m excited!  You, my readers are worth it to me!  You have all been fantastic in jumping in to help me when I’m feeling swallowed up by lack of time.  (By the way, weren’t the guest posts I had running while I was away, great?)

Stephanie and I!

I had the pleasure of traveling with Stephanie from Keeper of the Home and Saving Naturally.  I couldn’t have asked for a better traveling companion!  Her and I were the only Canadians that attended the event but we were definitely welcomed with opened arms!  (Not that I expected otherwise.) 

I had three wonderful roommates, Brandy from Savin’ Some, Tiffany from Eat At Home and Tara from Feels Like Home.  We had some great discussions! 


One of my favourite things about the conference, besides the great sessions, was the fact that I was surrounded by bloggers.  People that knew what I was talking about and can relate to how I spend my time!  We could get all technical if we wanted!  I had a great time getting to know Joy, J.D Roth (our fabulous keynote speaker), Dana, Amy, Jami, Andrea, Jenn, Angie  and many others during lunch/dinner and dessert times!

All in all, I’m so glad I went, I’m really excited about the future of Simply Frugal!

Downtown Breckenridge
Getting Ready for a Session!