With summer quickly approaching, you might be thinking of hitting the road or the air for vacation time.  There’s just one thing…you’re on a budget and what you have been envisioning for a vacation, is just not going to factor in.  What to do, what to do.

Enter the Staycation: your vacation on a budget.  No packing, no sore rear ends from sitting in a car, no airport delays.  Simply enjoying what your city and surrounding areas have to offer.

Here are a few of my tips to make your Staycation memorable:

The Staycation: Your Vacation on a Budget. Tips for having a memorable vacation on a budget.

Spend the week before playing catch up

This doesn’t sound fun but believe me, when there are no chores or work to distract you during your staycation, you have no reason but to enjoy your family, enjoy time for your favourite hobby, and enjoy your break from your regular routine!   If playing catch up the week before really doesn’t sound appealing, make a conscious effort to deliberately avoid household chores or work during your staycation.

Order your local Entertainment coupon book

Currently, Entertainment coupon books are on sale for $12 each with free shipping.  That’s a great price for a book that’s jam packed with coupons for your local attractions.  More often than not, the coupons are for 2 for 1 admission!  You can order your Entertainment coupon book here, if you’d like.  The books also feature dining coupons and shopping coupons.

Be Adventurous

Try a restaurant with an ethnic cuisine you’re not used to.  Hike the tallest mountain in your area.  Take a local art class.  Try something you’ve always wanted to try, but you’ve kept putting off because you’ve been scared or lacking the push to be confident!

Enjoy what your area is famous for

Why do all the tourists flock to your city in the summer?    Where I live, we’re famous for our wineries, orchards and lakes.  It wasn’t until we had family come for a visit, which I partook in my first winery tour experience.  Even though I’m not a wine drinker, I thoroughly enjoyed the history and even the free wine tasting!

Know it’s okay to splurge if the budget will allow

You’re on vacation.  Eat every meal out if you want.  Or spend your entire budget on that river rafting excursion you’ve been saving for.  Step out of your normal every day, non-vacation, routine.

So, are you excited to start your fabulous Staycation? I sure am! I’ve got some great ideas going through my head!

If you’re in the Okanagan or traveling to the Okanagan, check out my updated post: The Ultimate Frugal Okanagan Summer Activity Guide! It’s full of ideas for fun in the sunny Okanagan!