Why a To-Do List is Important for Productivity.  Learn some tips that will help you to create a realistic to-do list.

We’re headed to Mexico at the end of the week and I have a ton of stuff to do before we leave.  I’m also a list maker, but I’ve been a slacker in recent months.  I also find the more I have to do, the more I don’t do anything. Paralyzed by too much to do’itis’, if you will. 🙂

To keep my sanity, I’ve been making an effort to make lists again and I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve been able to get accomplished.

It really helps being able to see what has to be done and when.  Not to mention the satisfaction of crossing things off as they are completed!  ( I love to get things done!)

If you’ve been noticing some procrastination in your own life I’d like to encourage you to start making lists.  If you have big, time consuming tasks, try to break them down into more manageable tasks that you can cross off one little step at a time. Keep going until you’ve completed your big task then give yourself a pat on the back!

Here are some tips to help you create a realistic To-Do List:

1. Determine your Priorities

Determining your current life priorities is the first and most important step to creating a to-do list that you can conquer.  It’s possible to get a lot done in a day, but if the things you did accomplish aren’t anywhere near where your priorities lie, then they’re all done in vain.  After all, how is signing up for an art class going to get you closer to your personal priority of finishing your business degree?

Currently, my life priorities include:

  • maintaining a loving relationship with my husband and daughter
  • keeping our home somewhat tidy and clean
  • staying healthy
  • running a blog
  • keeping in touch with close friends

With those priorities in mind, I know there are several things that don’t have to go on my to-do list.  I don’t have to get that cool craft done that I saw on Pinterest because crafting isn’t a priority. I don’t have to vacuum under the couches because I’m okay with keeping a somewhat clean home (not perfect). Reading a book all day long while my husband and daughter are left to their own devices is not being loving towards them.

2.  Start with the Necessities

Now, it’s nice to have the bed made every day, but is it actually a necessity?  I would think getting showered/dressed and food on the table would be more crucial to getting your day going.  Do you have a bill payment due?  That’s a necessity that must be put on your list.

3. Add a few “Meatier” Things

Once you have the necessities on your to-do list for the day, if you still have some room in your day, pick a few things that would be nice to accomplish. Maybe you’re working your way to a tidier kitchen.  Well, today, you can clean out one or two drawers. That will get you a step closer to a cleaner kitchen! Or perhaps because you’re trying to stay healthy, you could try out a new recipe that you saw and you know your family will appreciate your efforts at baking something new (for example).

4. Keep it Short and Sweet

There’s no point in adding 92 things to your to-do list each day. While it would be awesome if you could get that much done, you’re most likely only going to succeed in overwhelming yourself.  My typical daily to-do list looks something like this:

  • Shower/get dressed (yes, I have to add that to my list :P)
  • My daily cleaning task
  • Finishing a blog post(s)
  • Making breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • Taking Sienna to whatever activity we might have that day

Are you a list maker? 

Why a To-Do List is Important for Productivity.  Learn some tips that will help you to create a realistic to-do list.