Whether you are preparing for your first baby or additional babies, this ultimate new baby checklist is a must have! Every mom and dad need a few reminders of those items to have on hand with a new baby. From the classic things like diapers and wipes to the often forgotten first aid kit items, this list is a great place to begin with your new baby shopping.

This Ultimate New Baby Checklist is perfect for knowing all the must-have items you'll want in place before your new bundle of joy arrives! Very handy!

The Ultimate New Baby Checklist

Diapers – At least one or two packages of the first three sizes. Babies grow fast so you will need more of larger sizes than small.

Wipes – There is no limit to how many to get, but try to avoid fragrances as they can irritate some sensitive skin.

Baby Wash & Baby Lotion – Stick with a sensitive skin formula at first then move on to others as you run out. I really like this Aleva Naturals Sleep Easy wash.

Diaper Cream – There are a number of quality brands but Penaten, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and Coconut Oil are the most popular.

Nasal Aspirator – This Hydrasense nasal aspirator came in handy quite a few times when my daughter was little.

Thermometer – A rectal, forehead or ear thermometer are the best choices for infants. This Etekcity one on Amazon seems to be highly rated!

Cotton Balls or Q-Tips – For the first week or two you will need these to help clean the umbilical cord area between diaper changes and baths with water.

Infant fever reducer – While you hope your baby doesn’t run a fever, it’s best to have an infant ibuprofen or acetaminophen on hand.

Bassinet or Playpen – A crib is great for when they are a bit older, but a bassinet or playpen with a built in bassinet is ideal for beside your bed in the first few months.

Receiving blankets – Thin and soft receiving blankets are the best for layering your baby to keep them warm. Heavier blankets can be a bit too much. You’ll want a few of these on hand in case they get dirty. Muslin blankets seem to be the go-to these days.

Sleepers – The classic baby apparel. Get at least a few in the first two sizes available for the early days.

Onesies – Boys and girls alike are going to be comfortable wearing these. Perfect for layering underneath sleepers if your baby is born in the winter or for wearing alone in the hot summer months! I happen to love this style of onesie when they’re tiny.

Pants – Depending on the season, pants or shorts are needed to cover little legs when getting in and out of cars, etc. for appointments. A few pairs will be enough to get them through the first few weeks.

Socks – Several pairs of baby socks are needed to keep their feet warm, but don’t fear if they kick them off. Many babies don’t like their feet being covered. Just cover with a blanket instead.

Hats – These are great only if you are going to be out in the cool air or hot summer sun and want to protect their head. Otherwise, most babies don’t like wearing them.

Car Seat – This is a must-have for every new parent. A quality highly-rated car seat like a Britax is recommended.

Stroller – While not everyone will be taking their baby out and about, a stroller is almost always must on the new baby checklist.

Bouncy Seat – These are great for helping soothe a fussy baby. There are many versions out there. Just make sure you put them on the floor and not on a high surface where they can bounce off.

Bottles – Even if you intend to breastfeed, there will be an occasion when pumping and letting someone else feed with a bottle will come in handy. Try a few of different styles until you find one you like.

Breast Pump – For those who plan to breastfeed this is a must have. The Medela and Ameda pumps are typically the best brands for pumps.

New Mama Bottom Spray – Not much needs to be said about this, but new mamas will be so thankful for this perineal  spray

This new baby checklist is the ultimate list to give you everything you need to prepare for your new addition to your family.

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