Things to declutter now

35 Things to Declutter Now

It always amazes me how much stuff we can accumulate. How is it that despite many of us being on a tight budget these days, we still manage to be overrun with too much stuff? There’s a reason the tiny house craze and the concept of living with less are appealing to so many.

Eliminate some clutter and you’re sure to start feeling like you can tackle every day life with a little more zest.

Below, I have a list of simple things to declutter. Ones that don’t take much thought, but will have your home and mind feeling lighter than before.

Here are 35 things to declutter now:

1) That pile of stuff “to be repaired” (You know, the broken items you are honestly never going to get around to fixing, including ripped clothes.)

2) That other pile of stuff “to be repurposed” (If you don’t have a specific project in mind, toss it.)

3) Old receipts, statements, paper clutter (Invest in a shredder and get rid of any papers past their prime.)

4) Expired coupons

5) Old batteries (Don’t just throw them in the garbage. Check out

6) Old magazines, catalogs, newspapers, and newsletters

7) Things that don’t fit (Including ill-fitting bras, maternity clothes and children’s clothes, too)

8) Things you are hanging on to because of guilt (Ugly gifts from family members…)

9) Old cell phones

10) Old pet stuff (Unless you definitely plan to get another pet in the near future, donate these items to your local animal shelter.)

11) Expired medication (Drop these off at your nearest pharmacy, where they’ll make sure to dispose of them properly.)

12) Expired cosmetics and skincare

13) Menus from take-out restaurants (Most have their menus online these days.)

14) Wrong cosmetics and/or skincare for your skin type (Including samples and free gifts with purchase that you’ve collected over time)Things to declutter now

15) Period underwear (Girl, get some black underwear and toss those ugly ones!)

16) Too many clothes for the wrong season (Do you own 10 bathing suits, but only swim a handful of times? Do you have 5 pairs of snow boots, but live in a rainy climate?)

17) Outdated clothes that you can’t even salvage as a costume (If they’re not funny enough for Halloween, but too funny for everyday wear, it might be time to donate them.)

18) Jewelry you dislike, is broken, or tarnished.

19) Shoes that stink, are worn out, or uncomfortable (When’s the last time you wore them?)

20) Cleaning products you don’t use. (Find out how I clean our whole house with homemade cleaners, here.)

21) Unnecessary kitchen items (We all have space-wasters that we never actually use, including, but not limited to gravy boats, fine china, strange gadgets, multiples, and too many cookbooks.)

22) Expired food

23) Food that you won’t eat before it expires (Take these to your local food bank or soup kitchen before it’s too late.)

24) Home décor (including art) that doesn’t express who you are or doesn’t bring you joy

25) Scratchy or uncomfortable throw pillows and blankets

26) Children’s art in excess (Take pictures of them for a digital scrapbook instead of filing away mass quantities of finger paint masterpieces.)

27) Children’s toy’s in excess (If they aren’t age appropriate, are missing pieces, are no longer being played with, books that have ripped pages, or are all used up, it’s time to let them go!)

28) Baby stuff (If you are done having babies, if the items may change by the time you have another one, if they won’t last, if they can be repurchased secondhand for cheap instead of storing them for years…give them to someone who will benefit from them now.)

29) Defunct art & craft supplies (If the supplies are dried up, smell funny or you just have too much of a certain item. Ask yourself whether you even scrapbook/knit/etc. anymore.)

30) Excess office and school supplies (These can be donated to a teacher in your community.)

31) Outdated calendars and planners

32) Damaged luggage and excess bags (Totes, free-with-purchase makeup bags and beach bags)

33) Rusty or moldy patio furniture

34) Broken pots, damaged hoses and any other yard items that have seen better days

35) Anything cardboard (It attracts bugs, so find a different material to store your things in.)

There you have it. 35 things to declutter now, to bring a more peaceful feeling to your home!

Want a handy dandy printable checklist that you can use as you’re going through your things? Download it here:

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