Now these are kinda neat! If your child loves to sleep with a night light, they may just love one of these! The Tulio Dream Lights LED Night Lights are starting at only $24.99 from Best Buy!

There are some cute characters to choose from including the unicorn pictured above, a rocket ship, a ballerina, a puppy and more! Here are some details:

  • Makes an ideal addition to your baby’s nursery or toddler’s bedroom
  • Versatile light can be set to maximum brightness for use as a reading lamp or dimmed to act as a nightlight
  • Displays a fun, colourful image to help soothe your little one to sleep
  • Comes with a remote control and is equipped with multiple function settings
  • Low-heat, low-voltage, and energy-efficient

Shop online at Best Buy Canada here.

Sale ends July 6, 2017.