unique ways to get coupons in Canada

Other than ordering coupons, printing coupons and collecting coupon inserts, there are several other more unique ways to grow your coupon collection!  Here are my suggestions:

Trade with friends

Get together with some coupon loving friends and trade the coupons you won’t use for some you will use!  Do you need baby coupon and does your friend need pet coupons?  Swap them!

Check recycling bins

Pretty self explanatory, but there are tons of people out there that could care less about the coupon inserts that come in the local newspapers.  I find several in the recycling box at work! 🙂

Write your favourite companies and ask for coupons

Do you have a favourite product but never find any coupons for it?  Try writing/emailing the company to say how much you love their products and then ask it they have any coupons to share to help you enjoy their products more often.  I recently did this with Kiju organic juice.  I really wanted to try the juice, so I emailed and asked politely if they had any coupons.  They sent me two coupons for free juice!  Just as a note, please don’t abuse the kindness of companies.  Maybe request coupons once or twice a year only?

Sign up for Freebies

Many of you that already sign up for the freebies I post on Simply Frugal, probably notice that along with the samples, the manufacturers also tend to send along high value coupons.  It’s really a great tactic on their part as they give you a sample hoping you’ll like it, then think you’ll go out and buy the product with the coupon they sent you, then buy it again and again!  But really, if I do actually enjoy the product, I will go out and buy it with the coupon!

So you have any other unique ways to collect coupons to share with us?