Walmart Canada will begin to charge customers for plastic bags as part of its strategy for cutting the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills.

Beginning on February 9, customers will be charged five cents each for plastic bags, with reusable bags available for a discounted rate of 25 cents each.

The company – headquartered in Mississauga, west of Toronto – said that the introduction of a small fee in other countries has helped Walmart to reduce the number of plastic bags by more than half.

Walmart says some of the proceeds from the new charge will go toward supporting recycling initiatives for grocery bags and other thin plastic objects.

The company said it’s also going to improve in-store recycling and collection programs and work with suppliers to find ways of removing plastic from its packaging.

What do you think about this latest development? I don’t mind, I usually have a few reusable bags in my car or purse anyways.

Here are several great tips for making an easy transition to reusable bags!

Here are my tips for making an easy transition to to Reusable Bags:

  • Buy enough bags: I have found that having at least 5-6 bags is a good number for me. Especially if I’m stopping at more than one store.
  • Make sure you have bags in both vehicles and your purse: There have been a few times when I’m in my husband’s vehicle and it’s convenient for us to stop at a store, but I’m without reusable bags! I’ve learned to keep a few in my husband’s car and my purse because of this.
  • Keep the bags in the car: Keep your bags in the car at all times as you never know when you are going to need to run a quick errand.
  • After you unload your purchases in the house, take the bags right back out to the car:  Or, at least put them right by your keys, wallet, or purse so you don’t forget to take them back out to the car the next time you go somewhere.
  • Have bags that are for produce and meats and other bags for items like clothes, shampoo etc:     Different colors or designs on each bag helps with telling which bag is for what purpose.
  • Don’t forget to wash the bags once in a while: Reusable bags can pretty yucky after only a few trips to the store. So in order to stay healthy, make sure to wash them every week or two!
  • Invest in some good quality bags: I did this years ago and I haven’t had to replace any of my bags yet! They also wash up really well and fold nicely, saving space.