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My apologies for all the recent questions I’ve been asking you!  I think I’ve started my New Year planning early! Plus, I LOVE to hear from you, your opinions are important to me. Today I have three questions for you, I don’t think they’ll require much of your time to answer 😉

  1. What comes to your mind when you specifically think of the website Simply Frugal?
  2. What direction do you think Simply Frugal could go in?  (Do you think there’s a place for subjects about intentional living? Encouragement? Goal planning? Printable Planning kits?)
  3. Any suggestions regarding a direction or things you would love to see on Simply Frugal that would help you would be greatly appreciated!

Before I make any changes, I want to hear from you. I’ve been feeling like there could be so much more to Simply Frugal. Perhaps because of the place I am at in my life, feeling like there’s so much more I can be learning to become the person I’m meant to be. I’d love to add content that will set you on fire for life, or something 😉 haha! Anyone else feel like you can be so much more by subtracting things that don’t matter or adding the things that do??

Here’s the form if you want your responses to be anonymous: