What NOT to do when Organizing. Organizing tips

Decluttering and organizing are fantastic things to do on a fairly regular basis. Not only does decluttering help you save money, it helps create a comfortable living space. I like to devote January to purging and organizing; there’s just something about the new year that makes me want to simplify!  A fresh start at home, if you will.  I love the satisfaction I get from seeing boxes fill up with stuff we don’t need or want any more.

Though, I’ve found there can be a few downfalls to all the excitement I’m feeling at the prospect of a home with less clutter.  Here are three things that I’ve learned not to do when organizing:

Don’t buy storage containers, then organize

I’ve done this many times in the past.  I have grandiose ideas of having every little thing contained in it’s own little spot.  So I would head to the store and pick up a few storage containers without having a specific purpose in mind.  Not only is this not a frugal thing to do, I’m often left with empty containers that I have to store somewhere because they didn’t suit my needs!  (I also can’t return them for fear of needing them at a later date…)

To solve this issue, I started cleaning and purging first, then assessing what containers I really needed. I started to buy only a few bins at a time to see how they “worked” in everyday life. I could always add more later if I saw fit.

You don’t want a bunch of empty containers cluttering up your home while you figure out where you might use them!

Don’t do part of a task

This is a tough one, I think!  You spend so much time organizing and purging unnecessary items into boxes that you’re too tired/lazy to take the boxes to the thrift store.

It doesn’t actually matter where you’re taking an item; recycling, trash, to a friend, or even the basement.  What really matters is that you take it there as soon as possible once you have decided where it’s going to go.  Finish the process.

I’m quite guilty of this.  I’ve let multiple boxes, that I’m intending to take to the thrift store, pile up in a corner.  Sometimes it can feel like so much work to get the boxes delivered when I have a toddler tagging along!

Don’t strive for perfection

Your home will never look like the cover of a magazine, unless you don’t live there!  I think very few people have drawers and closets that are perfectly in order.  Order in my mind, means knowing where important things are, even if they’re at the bottom of a pile!

Really, sometimes good enough, is good enough. After all, the goal should be to set up a space that works well for your needs. I find that I have to regularly change things around because our needs are constantly changing. Or I find something doesn’t work as well as I initially thought it would.

Have you been found guilty for any of these?  What are your Organizing tips?