why good friends matter

I have a real heart for wanting to help, to give words of encouragement or to simply lend a listening ear.  Once again, because these posts are few on Simply Frugal, but are a part of my journey, I’m sharing because I want to be an encouragement to those who may need it.

This past weekend, I was faced with an unfortunate circumstance, one that I’ve had to face in the past unfortunately. The circumstance has once again brought up questions of whether or not I can actually be content with what I have in my life right now.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve struggled with being content but my fear of not seeing to fruition the idea of what I think my life should look like has held me back from experiencing life to the fullest.  Fear is debilitating.

This past weekend has reminded me once again that life isn’t all about coupons, free stuff and saving money.  It’s about finding those that can sit around you and lend you support.  Whether it be someone that waits with you for hours, or someone that lets you cry on their shoulder or someone that invites you over for tea. Or even someone that gives you encouragement because of something they’ve had to work though in their own life.  It’s those moments that make life wonderful.  Those are the times when you realize you can make it through with what you have at that moment.

Through my trial this weekend, I’ve been so encouraged by good friends and family.  I’m starting to slowly make strides towards letting go of my fears of what I may never have and starting towards a life of living more intentionally for the sake of joy.

Friends, if you need encouragement today, especially, (but not only) those of you that have undergone the pain of miscarriage, can I ask you to reach out to me?  Or find a friend you can lean on?  Without a tribe of support, life can be really daunting. 🙁