Free Online Room Planning Tool by Urban Barn

Urban Barn Make Room

I think this is a neat tool if you’ve been wanting to try out some new furniture placement in your home!  No heavy lifting required. 🙂  Urban Barn has created The Make Room, and easy-to-use room planning tool that makes you the designer of your own home.

Click here to start using The Make Room planning tool!


  1. Does it work in France?

  2. I’m new to this site & I already love it but having trouble knowing how to use the make room planning tool but hope to figure it out. It’s amazing I just said last night I wish I had a cd that will help me figure out how to set my furniture that will look good before moving it all around since I’m not able to lift or stand long at a time & then tonight I find this site & it’s free thank you so much for helping people it is truly a blessing to me to find this site.

  3. I have been using an Icovia planner from Thomasville and love it. This looks like an even better version. Thanks!


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