When it comes to rooms that can get overwhelming, you will find the kitchen is at the top of the list. With some simple organizing, your kitchen can run smoothly and clutter can be kept to a minimum. As a result, your meal prep and clean up time will drop, making your life easier!

How to have an organized kitchen

Clear the counters.

The counters can easily become a catch-all for everything. This is bad because when germs spread in the kitchen, the counters get a large chunk of them. The less stuff on the counter, the less you have to clean to get rid of the germs and keep your family healthy. Often the counter makes the kitchen look worse than it is, so removing everything but vital items will make a huge difference.

Cut down on small appliances.

How many do you really need? So often we buy things thinking they will make our lives easier only to discover we do not really need them. In fact, these items that we thought we HAD to have ended up wasting space and frustrating us when we try to find what we really need. Keep track of what you use and sell the rest. For any of the small appliances you do keep, try to store them in a cupboard when not in use.

Organize the drawers.

We all have that one drawer in the kitchen that seems to be nothing but a mess. The odds and ends that have no real home. From buttons to batteries you never know what you will find. Simple organizers like this or dividers like this can fix the disorganized mess that makes finding anything nearly impossible.

Clean up the Tupperware mess.

For many of us, food storage containers are the biggest mess we face in our kitchen. Clean them out by tossing any without a matching lid or base. If it’s in your budget, a new set would be a great investment if yours are a bit rough. Sometimes it helps to start fresh.When it comes to rooms that can get overwhelming, you will find the kitchen is at the top of the list. Here are 10 easy tips to help you have an organized kitchen.

Organize the freezer with boxes or baskets.

This will allow you to store more and find what you need when it is meal time. Put like items with like items. For example, frozen fruit in one basket, meats in another.

Use baskets to organize your fridge.

Small baskets and even serving trays can make getting what you need out of the back of the fridge easy. As an added bonus, they’ll catch spills making cleanup a breeze! The same system will work wonders in your pantry as well.

Get creative with storing plastic wrap, foil, and other tubes.

Paper towel holders can be placed inside cabinets to hold these items out of the way but always ready to use. Another great option is to store all of these items with plastic storage bags in a single drawer. Pinterest has tons of great ideas for storing plastic wrap, foil and other tubes.

Use a Lazy Susan.

Use a Lazy Susan to store spices and condiments. Simply spin it to find what you need. A small lazy Susan is a great addition for the fridge and/or cabinets. A Lazy Susan of any size is a great tool for organizing your kitchen.

Install a shelf to hold your cookbooks.

Free up valuable cupboard space by putting up a shelf on one of your kitchen walls to keep cookbooks in one place where they won’t get damaged from being in the way. Place pegs or hooks under the shelf for a great place to store aprons, oven mitts, or even pots and pans.

Find a home for your pots and pans.

Place them on hooks, or stack by size in the bottom cabinets. When organizing your kitchen, giving pots and pans a home makes them easy to get to as needed.

Having an organized kitchen can make meal preparation so much more enjoyable. Being able to find everything you need in seconds? That’s priceless!

What room in your home do you find to be the most disorganized? I’d love to hear your fabulous tips for having an organized kitchen in the comments below!

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