I happen to own and love a Keurig machine. What I don’t love is how many K-Cups I’m left with for the trash.  I’ve started saving them for craft time with my daughter, but those empty K-cups can really add up! So, why not take a look at some new ways to use them? K-cups can actually be quite practical once they are empty; you just need to get a little creative. Take a peek below at 10 ways to reuse K-cups that you can try, long after the coffee is gone!

10 Ways to Reuse K-Cups

Take a peek at 10 ways to reuse K-cups that you can try, long after the coffee is gone!

1. Organize office supplies.

Put a few K-cups in office drawers to hold paper clips, pins, stamps, and other small office supplies that tend to get lost in the shuffle.

2. Organize small jewelry pieces.

Tuck a K-cup or two in jewelry boxes or drawers to hold small earrings, earring backings, pin backings, and other small jewelry pieces.

3.  Make a matching game for kids.

Place a sticker on the inside of each K-Cup. Make sure each sticker has a match found in another cup. Turn the cups over and let kids play Memory. Talk about a game you can make for just pennies!

4. Start seeds.

K-Cups are the perfect size cup to start seeds in. Just poke a quick hole in the bottom for drainage, add soil, and add your seed. It is a frugal way to get gardening!

5.  Scoop out dry goods.

Rinse out a K-cup and keep it in your flour, sugar, and other dry goods to use as a scoop. It is a quick way to get what you need without getting hands or spoons dirty.

6.  Add a few to sensory tables.

Toss a few K-cups into sand or water for children to enjoy. They will love scooping with them and can practice pouring as well. Who would have thought that K-cups can strengthen fine motor skills?

7. Craft some little doll cups.

Take sharpie markers and decorate the outside of the K-cup. You can then give them to dolls to use for tea parties. They also make great accessories for dolls as you can make them into trash cans, hats, hair accessory holders, and more.

8. Organize craft supplies.

K-cups are perfect for keeping buttons, stickers, pom poms, and other small craft supplies organized and at your fingertips for when you need them.

9. Freeze herbs.

This is a really cool way to reuse K-cups. Just fill them with water and add your favorite chopped herbs. Freeze them. When you need herbs for a recipe, all you need to do is pop out the herb cube and add it. You could even make flavored ice cubes this way, freezing fruit juices in the cup before using.

10. Make a stamp or stencil.

K-cups are great when you need a circle stencil. You can also dip the K-cup in paint and use it as a stamp! You will get the perfect circle every time.

Did you ever think K-cups could be so practical? Give these tips for using K-cups a try and see how creative you can get.