Living in a small home with children doesn’t have to be a bad or hard thing. Living in close quarters is possible, if you have the right tools and tips to help get you through! Check out these 11 tips for sharing a small home with kids:

11 Tips for Sharing a Small Home with Children

Living in a small home with children doesn’t have to be a bad or hard thing. Check out these 11 tips for sharing a small home with kids

1. Less stuff = more room

This is a tip that everyone should already know. However, when you have less stuff in your home, you always have more room, making a room feel more spacious.

2. Bunk beds

When you have kids and they need beds, going “up” is a great solution for leaving the floor space open. Triple bunks work wonders if you have more than 2 children sharing a room.

3. Utilize closet space

Closet space can be a real organizational nightmare, especially if you have a limited number of closets in your home. But learning the best way to maximize their usability is key. Use baskets, bins, shelves and even rolling cart techniques for linens and clothes to make the best use of the closets you have. Although that might mean you have to store some kitchen appliances in the linen closet ;).

4. Have strict rules on keeping items off the floor

When you have a small home with the addition of children, things have to be off of the floor or your home will end up looking messy in no time. And that’s the worst.

5. Purchase items that have double uses

Purchasing items that have two uses is genius. For example, an ottoman that has storage space within is a smart idea! Doubles as extra seating and storage!

6. Get rid of any bulky items

Is your couch too bulky? Trade it in for a slimmer version. Is the coffee table taking up precious play space? Maybe it’s time to donate.

7. Slim down the amount of clothing

If the drawers are stuffed full of kids’ clothing, it’s time to eliminate some items. Here are some tips for paring down your clothes that you might find useful!

8. Utilize storage in the attic, garage, or shed

If there simply isn’t enough room in your home for your everyday stuff and stored items, try to store stuff in another area of the home if you can, like a garage or attic.

9. Stay as organized as possible

Organization is key when space is at a premium. Try to make sure that everything has a spot to call home. Encourage the kids to put things in their “home” by making labels with pictures indicating where each item goes.

10. Use wall space as much as possible

There’s always room on a wall for storage. If you’ve run out of room, use wall space. Build some floating shelves. Or create a command center with a white board to keep all the activities running smoothly. Pinterest is full of ideas for wall storage.

11. Reevaluate the way you have items set up in your home

Maybe it’s the current layout that isn’t working in your home. Reevaluate your home’s setup to see if there could be a better way, then change it up!

Making room for everyone in your home shouldn’t be a problem if you follow these tips. I’ve noticed that the less items we have, the less frustrated we get.

What are some ways you deal with living in a small space with children?