Do you remember last year when I made that homemade coffee creamer?  And I said I was going to make a regular feature out of making something from scratch, which I can easily buy from the store?  ha!  Obviously didn’t happen.  I still love the idea but I think I set myself up for failure when I said it was going to be a regular, perhaps bi-weekly feature! 

I was re-inspired to get something going again, by Money Saving Mom, when she came up with a list of 12 different DIY projects she’d like to attempt through the year.  One project a month.  Now that I can do! 

I thought it was a perfect excuse to try some things I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while!  Years even!  I made sure they were simple enough to make or do in only hours (or less).  I’ll post about each month’s project on the fourth Tuesday of every month to let you know how it went.  Here’s my list of projects:

January:  Make homemade pasta.  I received a pasta maker attachment for my Kitchenaid a while ago and I’d love to try it out finally!

February:  Learn to make 5 minute artisan bread.  (Borrow book from library)

March:  Create a headboard for our bed.  I’ve been meaning to do this for years!  The fabric is waiting in my drawer.

April:  Sew pillow covers (with no buttons/zippers) to go with the new headboard

May:  Make cupcakes from scratch (like the ones you can buy from a cake shop will all that icing! :))

June:  Make homemade Febreze (to test out on my husband’s soccer gear!)

July:  Make homemade deodorant.

August:  Make homemade vanilla extract (make for gifts)

September:  Can some tomato sauce

October:  Make homemade oatmeal.  Have you got a good recipe for me to try? 

November:  Make homemade mayonnaise.

December:  Make hard lotion bars for gifts

Have you got any projects you’d like to try out this year?