Monthly Tasks for a Cleaner House

Are you finding yourself surrounded by clutter? Does it seem like you just can’t stay ahead of household cleaning tasks? Keeping a clean house can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, there are small steps you can take each month and implement on a regular basis to enjoy a cleaner space. Look at these 12 monthly tasks to help you enjoy a cleaner space and see what a difference they can make.

Tasks for a cleaner house

January: Go paperless.

Now is the time to clear away paper clutter. Go paperless in the New Year. Switch to paperless billing and opt to do online banking. This will help you avoid the paper piles in your home and office.

February: Declutter the kitchen pantry.

How much food are you holding onto that isn’t even fresh anymore? Grab a few trash bags and take an hour to declutter the kitchen pantry. Throw away any items that aren’t good anymore and donate items that are good but you won’t eat.

March: Organize the linens.

Clean out your linen closet and remove anything that doesn’t belong. Take a few hours to thoroughly clean linens and towels. Fold and assemble them in baskets. Find places for each in your linen closet, well labeled and easy to access.

April: Tackle tile.

Take the time to tackle tile this month. Clean away shower tile grime, floor tile grime and tackle kitchen tiles. I love, love a combination of hot water, bleach and powdered Tide. When combined with a scrub brush or old toothbrush, the results are fantastic on grout!

May: Refill your cleaning basket.

Go through your cleaning supplies and re-stock. Remove any old and dirty towels, sponges, or cleaning tools. Replace them with fresh supplies and don’t forget to add in some essential oils to make homemade cleaning products smell fresher.12 Monthly Tasks for a Cleaner House. These twelve tasks will definitely help you enjoy a cleaner home, one month at a time!

June: Call for an extra trash pick up.

Tackle the garage, removing any old and broken items taking up space. Donate toys you no longer use, and schedule an extra trash pick up so broken items can be hauled away and recycled if necessary.

July: Treat all area rugs and carpeting.

Use a deep cleaning machine to clean area rugs and carpeting. This is a great way and great time to remove built up soiling, dirt, and grime.

August: Deep clean the kitchen.

This means emptying cabinets, scrubbing floors, wiping down cabinetry, etc. Dedicate a weekend to cleaning out the kitchen, removing broken or unused items, and replacing cracked dishware.

September: Clean the refrigerator.

Remove all food items and clean out the fridge well. Scrub away any stains or food spills. Discard any expired food before returning items back to their place.

October: Flip mattresses and tend to bedding.

Vacuum mattress tops well on each side and flip for even wear. Replace pillows if needed and take the time to dust and clean headboards.

November: Clean upholstered items.

Rent a deep cleaning machine and clean all household upholstered items. This will help remove stains and keep fabrics smelling fresh.

December: Declutter holiday decor.

December is a great time to declutter your Christmas decorations. As you decorate your home, place any unwanted items in a bin for donation. Donating items after the holidays is somewhat pointless, as thrift stores have a harder time selling it out of season. Here is a Christmas Decoration Storage Inventory printable that you might find useful too!

Are you ready for a cleaner, more enjoyable home? Tackle these 12 monthly tasks to help you grab clutter by the horns and get your house in shape fast!