Are you ready to start the Simply Clutter Free Challenge?  I know I sure am! Do you have empty boxes set aside for all that stuff you’re going to get rid of? Even plastic bags will do!

Download and print the organizing calendar here.

The first task of the year is to do a Whole House Quick Declutter. This is where you will run around the house and clear all the surfaces including the floors and counters. Try to fill three bags or boxes with stuff that will leave your house. (Either donate or give to friends & family that will appreciate it.)

Now, I think this can go either way. Be a quick task or a more time consuming task. My suggestion is to not think too hard about each object. If it’s staying in your home put it away in it’s place. If an item annoys you, consumes too much of your time or doesn’t get used, time to get it out of the house.

What you you think? Can you do it? Tell me about your results in the comments below!

I will be posting random progress reports throughout the week over in the Simply Frugal Facebook group and Instagram! Follow me on Instagram @simplyfrugal and use the hashtag #simplyclutterfree to get updates and see what others are up to during the challenge! If you’re on Pinterest, be sure to follow my organization board for interesting organization links!