Did you wonder where my March and April projects went?  I have no excuse other than lack of time and the fact that we were out of town for longer then expected!  I would like to finish the headboard and pillow cover one day and when I do, I’ll be sure to update you all!

Now, for my May project.  I wanted to try my hand at making some “fancy” cupcakes from scratch.  In the past, I’ve only made cupcakes from a box and even bought the canned icing!  But as a note to you “expert” cake decorators and cupcake makers, please excuse how amateur my cupcakes are!  I didn’t actually take the time to research exactly how to decorate them.  I just did it my own way!  I figured if I had a lot of icing and added sprinkles to help cover the flaws, they were good to go!

Since a friend of mine has her birthday in May, I thought I would make a batch and bring them to her party. (So I wouldn’t eat them all! :))  They were a big hit!  Whew!  (The taste may have made up for my lack of decorating skills.)  I will definitely try my hand at making homemade cupcakes again.  I’ll most likely take some time to even research how to properly decorate them!

Here are the recipes I used:

Here’s my list of 2011 projects if you missed them:

January: Make homemade pasta. I received a pasta maker attachment for my Kitchenaid a while ago and I’d love to try it out finally!

February: Learn to make 5 minute artisan bread. (Borrow book from library)

March: Create a headboard for our bed. I’ve been meaning to do this for years! The fabric is waiting in my drawer. (to-do one day)

April: Sew pillow covers (with no buttons/zippers) to go with the new headboard (to-do one day)

May: Make cupcakes from scratch (like the ones you can buy from a cake shop with all that icing! )

June: Make homemade Febreze (to test out on my husband’s soccer gear!)

July: Make homemade deodorant.

August: Make homemade vanilla extract (make for gifts)

September: Can some tomato sauce

October: Make homemade oatmeal. Have you got a good recipe for me to try?

November: Make homemade mayonnaise.

December: Make hard lotion bars for gifts