It’s official. We’re moving in a month’s time. I just can’t believe it. While a month still seems so far away (I’m just so gosh darn excited!), I’m sure it will zip by!

Anyways, as we’ve discovered, moving can be an expensive adventure especially if you are moving to a new province, town, or even another country. However, there are ways you can save while moving. Check out these 25 ways to save money while moving!

25 Ways to Save Money While Moving

25 tips and tricks to save money while moving that you are guaranteed to love! #movingtips #moneytips #packingtips

  1. Sell anything and everything. If you haven’t used or worn something in the last 6 months, sell it.
  2. Utilize Facebook. Facebook is a great way to post your items you are trying to sell quickly without hosting a garage sale. Do a search on Facebook for local Buy & Sell groups.
  3. Avoid hiring movers. It is much more cost effective to slowly get your items packed and loaded than it is to hire movers.
  4. Don’t buy boxes. Retailers that get products shipped in, throw out and get rid of their boxes all the time. Head out to local stores asking when their shipments come in and if you can have their broken-down boxes. We’ve gotten all our boxes from some friends who own an auto body shop.
  5. Borrow a truck. If you can, borrow a truck or trailer from someone. When you rent a truck, you not only pay for renting, but you pay mileage and gas.
  6. Move slowly. If you aren’t moving far from your old house, move your belongings slowly, if possible.
  7. Shop around for new services. When you move, you can either transfer your old internet services, or you can shop around for a better deal.
  8. Use old newspapers. Instead of buying moving supplies to keep your glassware safe, use old newspapers to cushion your fragile items.
  9. Shop around for insurance. Whether you are moving into an apartment or a new house, it is always wise to shop around for insurance on your things.
  10. Use coupons. When you need something like a carpet cleaning service, for example, look online or in your newspapers for coupons that will save you money.
  11. Ask for discounts. It never hurts to ask! While we weren’t moving, just replacing our broken dishwasher, we asked for a discount on the floor model dishwasher that we liked, and they gave us one! Look every which way to find a discount.
  12. Don’t use credit. You may end up paying much more in the long run, putting things on credit than you would if you pay in cash. Avoid those late fees!
  13. Start saving ahead of time. If you know you are moving, start a savings account just for moving expenses. Not only will you earn interest, but you won’t have to put any expenses on credit.
  14. Pump gas when it’s cheap. If you get gas to move, look to fill up on the days its cheapest.
  15. Fix up before you move. Before you move into your new home, do all the repairs that need to be done before moving in.
  16. Use a notary instead of a lawyer. For the legal aspect of moving, looking into using a notary instead of a lawyer. You may save yourself a bundle!
  17. Get furniture second hand. If you need new furniture, buy furniture at second-hand shops or online.
  18. Go to the dollar store. For last minute items, cleaning supplies, and snacks, head to the dollar store to save some money.
  19. Talk to your neighbors. Your new neighbors will be the best resource in helping you find whatever you need inexpensively.
  20. Shop for deals. The internet is full of ways for you to save money. Look for online deals before purchasing anything.
  21. Have a garage sale. If you are really short on cash, a garage sale can help you get that extra money you need.
  22. Talk to the real estate agent. Some real estate agents will have moving trucks you can borrow.
  23. Don’t forget to check Craigslist. Craigslist has some really great deals on moving supplies.
  24. Borrow a dolly from a friend. Instead of renting or buying a dolly, you can borrow one to help move big items.
  25. Keep everything organized. Keeping everything organized and marked helps prevent things from getting broken or lost, costing you more money to replace it.

What other ways have you found to save money when you move? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!