The temperature is finally getting cooler outside! This does mean, however, that the opportunities to get outside to play can be interrupted by rain or snow. But you’ll be ready for those rainy days with these fun activities that will keep you from hearing “I’m bored”!

Take the Kids to the Kitchen

Pick an easy family favorite recipe and let the kids help you with the preparation. Assign responsibilities based on age and ability of your child – you are there to supervise! The kids will be proud of what they helped to create and more eager to help you in the kitchen at regular meal times as well! There is nothing more fun than eating something that you helped to make!

Dance Party

Put on some music, then sing and dance! This gets all that pent-up energy that would have been spent outside playing. It’s a time to just be silly and get all of you some exercise. Share some of your favorite songs from your childhood and let the kids tell you about some of theirs as well. Make sure to pick music that is upbeat and especially anything with a chorus that is catchy and singable!

Make Playdough

There is nothing more fun than making objects out of dough you helped to make yourself. One basic recipe is 2 cups flour, 2 cups warm water, 1 cup salt, 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon cream of tartar. Mix and heat until it starts to hold together. Food coloring and scented oils can be added for color and smell.  Making a really big batch lets you make multiple colors and scents, just let your imaginations go wild!

Sock Ball Fun

Make a ball out of several pairs of socks and take turns shooting into a laundry or trash basket from various distances. Make it a tournament and allow bigger kids to block shots (unless this will lead to arguments, of course!)

Build a Fort

Throw blankets or tablecloths over tables and chairs, take the cushions off the couch and create a cozy hideaway for the day. Take flashlights into the fort, read stories and eat lunch in the fort. Pretend you are camping in the great outdoors even though you are still home! If you still have nap time, it would be fun to have nap time in the fort as well.

Try Water Beads

These are a new to us thing, but my girls love playing with water beads! I put a bunch in a big container and gave them some measuring cups, spoons, small bowls and little animal figurines. They can dump, switch and squish with these for at least an hour! Although we haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve heard they make great stress balls when you stuff them into balloons.

While there can be an endless list of indoor activities, I hope you enjoyed these 5 budget friendly ideas!  How do you keep the kids entertained on rainy days?